Powerful allies in a commercial partnership

Today Elaph opens a new door towards success by launching WEME as a new website for online shopping, offering the best of German women’s fashion.

WEME is an alliance between two powerful brands - Elaph and Witt - for the Saudi market and then the rest of the MENA / Gulf region that will provide the region’s consumers the best that the two brands can offer in terms of quality of service.

This alliance has one main goal and that is offering the best and safest online shopping experience based on our strong belief that “the customer is always right”.

Alliance of the successful

Elaph is a modern, future-oriented media company that gave the world the first fully digital online daily newspaper in Arabic, launched on 21 May 2001. It strives to serve as the bridge between the Middle East and the West.

Elaph continues to lead in offering readers the latest regional and international news. It never deviates from its principle: “accurate news when it happens”. Today it extends its commitment to upholding the highest professional standards to advancing commercial activity in the region through the WEME partnership.

Witt is a leading fashion company based in Bavaria, Germany. Founded in 1907, it is one of the most firmly established fashion companies in Germany, with a keen eye for quality and trends. WITT has continuously expanded and now successfully operates in 11 countries across the world. The key to the company's success and longevity lies in its exemplary standards, including outstanding product quality, a broad, unique range and, above all, guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers - all 14.4 million of them.

Risk-free online shopping

Our shop meets all the criteria for risk-free online shopping. From our secure encrypted payment process and free returns policy to our simple money-back guarantee - protecting our customers is of the utmost importance to us.

Product quality

To ensure that our products are high quality and long lasting, we take great care to choose suitable raw materials and make sure our products are manufactured with the highest degree of quality at trustworthy production sites.

Witt’s products and production sites are regularly monitored and tested by recognised independent institutions in accordance with German quality standards.

The partnership between Elaph and Witt through WEME is founded on solid commercial and investment terms and represents the first step in this exceptional alliance. WEME is launching in Saudi Arabia and will then extend to the rest of the MENA / Gulf region. It will offer high level service worthy of its consumer confidence and aims to become the leader in online shopping in the region.