“Elaph Morocco” is a newborn in the Elaph family, dedicated to Moroccan news, and devoted to offer interesting and extraordinary stories, and to promote tolerance, diversity, and credibility.

London: Celebrating elaph.com 15th anniversary, Elaph Publishing Limited in UK launched on Tuesday its new news-portal Elaph Morocco, which Othman al- Omeir, publisher and editor-in-chief of both Elaph and Elaph Morocco, wants it to be a special information service, executed by Moroccan journalists promising to deliver remarkably, to adapt to the new era of the world press, and to provide the latest and most valuable and interesting experiences, as per his note that Elaph and Elaph Morocco published Tuesday.

Al Omeir remembers when a group of Moroccan Journalists of both sexes started Elaph 15 years ago, in a big office in Casablanca, Morocco’s economic capital, saying that it was a new and hard work for everyone, “a motivating story and an interesting adventure that deserve to be written, given the sufferings experienced and efforts employed: mature results were gathered in the Moroccan arena, in the presence of colleagues who started their career with Elaph, then spread their wings successfully in the Moroccan Media”.

Al Omeir still remembers the young men and women who helped creating the successful Elaph with liveliness, challenging attitudes and professional integrity, and hopes to keep providing interesting, different, attractive and extraordinary pieces of news, “devoted to tolerance, diversity, and freedom of opinion, founded on credibility and objectivity”.

Al Omeir concluded his note insisting that “we are totally convinced Morocco, with its great openness, its ancient rich heritage, its geographical importance, and its human ambition, will be of great help, and will promote any media project aligned with its image, and with its deep desire to catch up with progress, prosperity and more democracy”. He confirms his and his teams’ commitment to the “open” approach led by King Mohammed VI “actively striving to place his country in a lofty position among nations, steered by high moral values, and based on modernity and moderation”.

Elaph Morocco can be accessed here: www.elaphmorocco.com